Palden Shangpa Vermont continues to support the practice and preservation of the Shangpa lineage of Tibetan Buddhism through the generous donations of funds and volunteer work.  PSV has grown over the years through your giving hearts and hands and we are deeply grateful for all of you who have made PSV ‘s mission possible.

Please note that you may designate where you want your support to be used through the donation selection menu by selecting PSV General Funds or Support Monks. General funds are used to maintain our meditations and teachings in Vermont. Support Funds will be donated to support the education of our monastic community. Palden Shangpa is a 501-c-3 Charity and can provide tax-exempt donation receipt.

Please contact us for more information.

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Dear Friends and benefactors I am asking for your assistance to help me provide for and educate our young monks so they can bring great benefit to our world in the future. All donations made through my official Dharma Center Palden Shangpa VT, will go directly to the needs of the children and monks of Sonada and Salugara Monastery under my direct supervision. Thank You, for your kind support, Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche